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We have decades of experience working with businesses to develop effective and executable strategies to expand offerings and footprints. Putting our knowledge to work for your business provides bench strength to your team to execute your growth plans and allows you to transform your enterprise for a better future.   

your challenge

Our clients often have spent time and money on marketing campaigns, lead generation, or other attempts to grow their businesses, but have failed to see the anticipated results. Maybe your company failed to anticipate problems with rolling out a new product. Maybe your company reacted to the market, basing your moves on what the market was in the past, instead of proactively anticipating changes and basing your strategy on your projected future market. Maybe your sales force was unable to communicate effectively with your customers and failed to differentiate your services or products from your competitors. Maybe your company has not been able to identify why your past efforts have not been successful. 

our Value Proposition

We work hand in hand with our clients to develop strategies to penetrate new marketsexpand existing relationships, and sustainably scale their businessesAllow the team at 64.9 to review your prior attempts to launch new offeringsexpand current offerings, and enter new markets. We will discuss with you what worked and what did not, as well as your goals. With this as a backdrop, we can provide advice on new markets, marketing plans, and new offerings, and how to get these in front of your clients, both old and new, in an effective and cost efficient manner that will provide bottom line results for your business.   

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