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We have decades of experience raising funds for businesses and understand the complexities of the processes.  Putting our knowledge to work in your business will streamline the application process by presenting a solid application with all supporting documents upfront.  This shows lenders or investors that you are organized and prepared to transform your business – with the new capital – for the future. 

your challenge

We assist our clients with raising capital for expansion or to take on new opportunities, continue growth, or launch your next endeavor.  Any investor will require due diligence on your company to make sure they are putting their money to work in a way that is likely to provide a return of not only their capital, but an expected return on investment.   

The team at 64.9 Consulting can assist in preparing you and your team for anticipated due diligence, as well as help you put together materials to use during your pitch to investors. 

our Value Proposition

Finding capital when you need it is time consuming and often frustrating for owners. We work with our clients to discuss various ways to raise capital on your timeline, whether it is for a new venture, expansion, or liquidity needs due to rapid growth cycles.  

We will work with our clients to discuss the various sources of capital available to their businesses.  This includes a detailed analysis of your business and the pros and cons of different types of sources and what you, our client, will have to provide during the application or investment process. 

Once we have collectively decided on a source of capital, or sources of capital, we work hand in hand with you to navigate the application and due diligence phases of seeking capital.   

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