People & Change


We have years of experience working with boards, companies, investors, and asset managers. We understand that people are key to taking your company forward and have experience intentionally setting and reaching hiring and retention goals. We have helped develop effective training programs to improve internal capabilities, retention, and recruitment. We know how to scale programs to best reach your goals. 


Companies are only as good as their people. You want to recruit and retain the best people and you want your people to thrive. You want to ensure that your people have and improve upon the skills needed to do their jobs and to take your company into the future. You want your people to thrive and be able to successfully take on your company’s challenges.  


You also want to make sure that your employee, management, and candidate pool is diverse, reflecting different viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds.  You recognize the value of diversity to champion creativity and problem solving.  You also recognize that your investors are increasingly paying attention to board and management diversity and companies’ inclusion efforts (and successes) in determining where to invest their money. Large investors and asset managers are demanding that companies demonstrate how they are addressing diversity and inclusion in their workforces, management, and boards. 

our Value Proposition

We propose working with your company to create tailored solution to your recruitment and hiring, retention, diversity, inclusion, and wellness needs.

  • Identify and prioritize hiring and training needs
  • Curriculum consulting on current training offerings 
  • Develop specific programming or identify service providers for training and company-specific programming
  • One-on-one coaching and training for management
  • Board development
  • Goal setting and road maps for increased diversity, more inclusive culture, and prioritized wellbeing
  • Identify and develop employee retention programs, including corporate social responsibility (CSR), volunteer, affinity groups, and mentoring/sponsoring
  • Improve recruiting and interviewing processes by eliminating bias from job descriptions and recruitment
  • Audit and improve company’s review and feedback systems
  • Developing effective programs to manage change in your organization

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