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The 64.9 team has experience working with companies in different sectors and of different sizes to capitalize on marketing and communications effortsWe understand your different stakeholders, from customers to employees to investors, and how to hone your messaging for each group. We will be an extension of your team, lending our marketing and communications expertise to produce better internal and external results. 


You want to focus on operating your company and providing your customers with the highest quality products or servicesYou are doing amazing things in your space, and your employees, partners, customers, and investors need to know. But you are not sure how to communicate your products, services, or successes. You know you need a website and marketing, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have a website and are engaged in some customer-facing marketing efforts, but you are not getting the return on investment on your marketing efforts.  

Many companies are not effectively using digital marketing to enhance their brand recognition and customer engagement. It is difficult to stay up-to-date on new technologies and marketing strategies and campaigns without a dedicated in-house team. While marketing and communications are not your business, they are important tools to maintain and grown your company.  

our Value Proposition

We propose working with your company to: 

  • Create effective marketing plans 
  • Handle online marketing, social media marketing, print and TV advertising 
  • Develop internal communications plans 
  • Align marketing and sales efforts 
  • Develop and execute public relations plan 
  • Direct response marketing 
  • Search engine marketing and search engine optimization 
  • Reputation, image, and brand management 
  • Develop an effective communications plan for investors and consumers 

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